8th World Congress

On behalf of the IJBRC Executive Committee, we thank the Keynote and Invited Speakers, Presenters of research papers, Exhibitors and Attendees for a very successful 8th World Congress in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.Plans are beginning for the 9th World Congress, location and dates to be determined.Watch the ijbrc.org website for regular updates.


IJBRC Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet twice a year or as required for planning of future World Congresses. An open meeting of the Council may be held at ACI Conventions. A full meeting of the Council shall be held at the end of each World Congress.

A special meeting of the Council shall be called within six months of the receipt, by the Secretary, of a petition signed by at least 50 Council members which clearly states the reason for calling the special meeting.

Notice of meetings shall be sent to the members of the Council, the Headquarters of ACI and to such other interested persons or organizations as may be designated by the Executive Committee of the Council at least one month prior to meetings.

Annual Report

The Chairman of the Council shall submit an annual report of the Council’s activities to ACI and to the members of the Council.