8th World Congress

On behalf of the IJBRC Executive Committee, we thank the Keynote and Invited Speakers, Presenters of research papers, Exhibitors and Attendees for a very successful 8th World Congress in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.Plans are beginning for the 9th World Congress, location and dates to be determined.Watch the ijbrc.org website for regular updates.


Congress Proceedings


8th World Congress Award Paper by Ralph Dornsife, Washington State Department of Transportation - PDF Format -Download
- The 5th, 6th and 7th World Congress on Joints Bearings and Seismic Systems for Concrete Structures- Proceedings
  (CD-ROM) Cost - $20 U.S. (Each per CD-ROM includes shipping and handling costs)
- Please specify which (5th, 6th or 7th) World Congress CD-ROM you are interested in purchasing. Available through the IJBRC   Secretary on contact page.
The 8th World Congress on Joints, Bearings and Seismic Systems for Concrete Structures - Proceedings of September, 2016 held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA cost - $75 US (per copy includes shipping fee).
These proceedings are available through the IJBRC Secretary on contact page.
The Council shall encourage publication, through ACI, of all information resulting from projects and/or congresses sponsored by the Council. Publications resulting from any project sponsored by the Council are reviewed critically by a review committee according to ACI peer-reviewed standards

For hardcopy of previous World Congress proceeds, #2 to 4, please contact the IJBRC Secretary on contact page.