8th World Congress

On behalf of the IJBRC Executive Committee, we thank the Keynote and Invited Speakers, Presenters of research papers, Exhibitors and Attendees for a very successful 8th World Congress in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.Plans are beginning for the 9th World Congress, location and dates to be determined.Watch the ijbrc.org website for regular updates.


About I.J.B.R.C

The International Joints and Bearings Research Council gathers together mechanical and structural engineers, academics and manufacturers with specialized skills and knowledge, to share ongoing research and development in joints, bearings and seismic devices utilized in concrete structures. It is a non-profit, international organization affiliated with the American Concrete Institute.

This Research Council holds a series of international specialty conferences approximately at five-year intervals. Its aim is to disseminate research, development, innovative methods, improved fabrication processes, and enhanced standards and specifications being developed worldwide, with a minimum of restrictions needed to preserve trade secrets.

In addition, the Research Council annually provides a scholarship to a graduate engineering student doing research in joints, bearings or seismic devices. This scholarship is named in honour of the founding director, Stewart C. Watson.